1-hour custom designed sessions. In your home, gym, or outdoors. Get the proper exercise program designed to meet your goals and improve the way you look, feel and move.

single sessions$  125
10-session pack$1000$100ea / $  250 savings
20-session pack$1900$  95ea / $  600 savings
40-session pack$3600$  90ea / $1400 savings

20- and 40- session packs only for clients who train 2 or more times per week.
All packages expire in 1 year.
One-on-One Personal Training
You and a training partner together, 1-hour custom designed sessions for two. Get the same program design at a fraction of the cost. Plus, have a workout partner for encouragement and extra accountability!

single sessions $ 70 per person
10-session pack$650 per person$65ea/$50 savings

All sessions must be trained in tandem.
All packages expire in 1 year.
One-on-Two Personal Training
1-hour session plus 1 new program design each month. Weekly email check-in included. For clients who are self-motivated, on the go, or on a budget, "Tune-Ups" for your exercise routine!

1-month pack$200 per month 
3-months pack$175 per month
6-months pack$150 per month
Must be scheduled in advance in order to qualify for discounted packs. New clients must schedule Movement Assessment prior to participation in Monthly "Tune-Ups."
Monthly "Tune-Ups"
Additional program designs available for $25 per routine.
1-and-1/2 hour session including full movement and postural assessment. Recommendations given for fitness program including Corrective Exercise Design to correct your imbalances.

single session  $200

All packages expire in 1 year. 
Movement Assessment & Program Consultation
Core Conditioning<Sport-Specific Conditioning<Corrective Exercise Post-Injury Rehab<Pre- & Post-Natal Training<Pilates Mat  
Strength Conditioning<Advanced Flexibilty<Functional Training    Plyometrics<Dance<Weight Loss & Metabolic Training
email me
email me
tel: 917-289-0924       email: info@move-by-design.com
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email: info@move-by-design.com
tel:  917.289.0924 for more info
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one-on-two training
Personal Training Services
Only $20 to try it out!
Also, as a client bonus, you are eligible to come to any of our BootCamp "Try-Outs" offered each month! Just $20 for an extra workout...Invite a friend and your session is free!

What are you waiting for?  Take the Smart Approach and get ready to reach your goals!
Please call 917-289-0924 to set up your first appointment, or for more information:
*Additonal charge may apply, depending on outside facility policies and fees.
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Find out more about our special referral program!
Ready to take the Smart Approach and get fit? To schedule your first appointment...
Only $20
Current clients are welcome to come to any BootCamp "Try-Outs"! Bring a friend and your BootCamp is free!
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MOVE-BY-DESIGN offers many types of Personal Training packages to suit varied goals, time commitments and budgets. These workouts can be performed in your home, outdoors or in a gym.*  All of our Personal Training packages focus on your goals and are designed with your needs in mind.
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  • Want a personal program, but on a budget? . . .Stay motivated and train
  with a friend with One-on-Two Training.
  • Keep your workouts fresh? . . .Monthly "Tune-Ups" keep your routines interesting and on the right track.
  • Make sure you're doing the right exercises? . . .
  Start with a Movement Assessment & Program Consultation.