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Wouldn't you like this to be your treadmill?
One-hour BootCamp sessions, 1X per week for 2 months or 2X per week for 1 month, 8- sessions total:

For 3 people:$360 per person ($45ea.)

For 4 people:$280 per person ($35ea.)

For 5+ people:$200 per person ($25ea.)

For 10+ people:$160 per person ($20ea.)
Build-A-BootCamp Rates
This to be your workout floor?
This to be your stretch mat?
Just bring water, a towel and a good attitude! That's all it takes...we supply the rest. So recruit your friends...
Build-A-BootCamp today!

Get outside, get moving, and get fit!
Don't have enough like-minded friends? Just contact us and we'll see if we can help you connect with others to Build-A-BootCamp.
tel:  917.289.0924 for more info

Our Build-A-BootCamp Programs are designed to allow you and 2 to 20 of your friends, colleagues, family, or social group members to get outside, get moving, and get fit! 

Each group creates their own Build-A-BootCamp Program together.  Unlike other boot camp programs, where individuals sign-up for pre-existing, pre-designed group classes, MOVE-BY-DESIGN programs are customized with each members's individual needs in mind.  Other benefits include:

  • Tailor the schedule to your time constraints.
  • Everyone plays tennis, golf, etc.? Sport-Specific BootCamps are available.
  • Have injuries or conditions that make you wary of participating in a group class? The training is personal and specific to you!
  • And because it's your program, the group can reschedule if something comes up...with at least a 24-hour notice, of course!
  • Miss a Build-A-BootCamp session due to unforeseen circumstances? No problem! You can make up for it by coming to any of our BootCamp "Try-Outs" offered that month!
So what are you waiting for?  Recruit your friends and Build-A-BootCamp today!
Check out our monthly BootCamp "Try-Outs"!
NEW CLIENTSPlease Click Here to fill out required health history form and waiver before your first scheduled BootCamp. Thank you.
BuildABootCamp Link
Sports Drills<Calisthenics<Relays 
Push-Ups<Step Climbing<Hill Repeaters Lunges<Short-Distance Running Resistance Band Exercises<Pull-Ups
Squat Jumps<Agility Drills<Sprints  Strength Circuits<Abs . . . you name it!
Our BootCamp Programs are designed with your goals in mind...
Get outside, get moving, and get fit!

Whether you and your friends get together for an on-going, intense, group training workout experience with our Build-A-BootCamp, or you attend one of our BootCamp "Try-Outs" to see what it's all about, you'll get a serious fat-burning, heart rate-training, routine-busting workout!

Let's take your fitness program outdoors and utilize the steps, stairs, benches, hills and fields of Central Park to get you to your goals!  We use anything and everything to get you to where you want to can expect a variety of types of exercise, so you never get bored and always get fit!
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Come join us in Central Park!
Get outside, get moving, and get fit!

Just like our Build-A-BootCamp programs, BootCamp "Try-Outs" involve varied exercises and training types to give you an intense, outdoor training experience.  It's a serious workout, but can be modified to your fitness level and abilities.

So come see what MOVE-BY-DESIGN and the Smart Approach can do for your fitness program.  We offer BootCamp "Try-Outs" a number of times per month.  Register for whichever date(s) you want and "Try-Out"!

Come join us!  Sign-up today!
Current clients are welcome to come to any BootCamp "Try-Outs"! Bring a friend and your BootCamp is free!
Introductory Offer!
Special Offer!  Sign up for a Personal Training Package or BootCamp Program within 2 weeks of your first BootCamp "Try-Outs" and get a discount!
tel:  917-289-0924 
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Need More Info?
Only $20
tel: 917-289-0924email:
BootCamp Programs
NEW CLIENTSPlease Click Here to fill out required health history form and waiver before your first scheduled BootCamp. Thank you.
tel: 917-289-0924
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Interested in throwing a
Health & Fitness Party or Corporate Event?
Please call 917-289-0924 and MOVE-BY-DESIGN can help you design a great BootCamp Special Event.   For more info, go to Special Offers.
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Get monthly updates on dates of the BootCamp "Try-Outs"
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